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A2B Music Review: Enulee's "Suicide" Vs Emaxee's "What If" Which Is The Most Inspiring song [Let's Discuss]

Hey guys, It's been months o, how una dey? Let me welcome you back to another episode of A2B music review, thanks for reading and dropping comments on the last Episode of A2B Music Review JERRYBELL'S "LIGHT UP LAGOS" VS JAZZYCUTE'S "HEADACHE"

Today we would be digging deep into two trending songs which have been making waves across all platforms for weeks.

Enulee and Emaxee are the talk of the day for us and would be the ones in the big frame of our discussion today, these dynamic duo have been the talk of the Town following the release of their latest tracks alongside the visuals.

The line has been drawn between Enulee's "Suicide" and Emaxee's "What If".

Join us as we analyse and review the tracks together.

The self acclaimed magical Entertainer himself left his fans stunned as he dished out this emotional track which is a very new dimension of music from Him.

Suicide as a title left everyone stunned, What's he up to? Could he have been depressed? That's the question popping up on all minds.

Enulee is a student of the Computer science department in Osun State University.

The Rapper took his time to narrate his journey in the music industry so far so good with hardcore rap and emotional lyrics, hinting on what could have triggered depression into him.

Every upcoming Artist out there could relate well to the song as it summarises all the struggles they face in the industry in reaching out to the top.

Suicide seems much more of a suicide note but the end of the song featured inspirational words from the Artist, persuading people to curb the act of suicide, emphasising that Suicide is never an option.
In the Video, Enulee could be seen as a depressed soul who's set to take his own life but however decided to write a suicide note before carrying out the act. He there after changed his mind at the last minute, turning the rope which was meant to be used to hang himself into a skipping rope instead. Lmfao.

We've got no choice than to rate this 8/10 also.


Oke Emmanuel, Emaxee's a Student of Economics Department in University of Ilorin. The multi-talented rapper dished out an Emotional track to explain his pains.

In "What If" the Rapper faced the reality and viewed life from another perspective, munching high on the fact of what would be of him if the music is truly not his way. He narrates his strives, side hustles and all that he does to make a living.

"What If" is no exceptionally an inspirational song with deep meanings which every hustlers on the street can relate to. Many listeners reported to us, how they were left in tears after listening to the track knowing fully well what the journey to stardom could be like.

The track caught attentions of top Celebrities and social media influencers with the likes of Chinko Ekun, Oladips, Tundeednut and lot more.
From the beginning till the last end of the track, punchlines were dropped left and right with heartwarming lyrics. Emaxee made it known that the track is not a suicide note but rather a testimony after coming out of depression.

We've got no choice than to rate this 8/10 also.


As you can see our hands are tight and It's now left to you to decide which of this two is your best Inspiring Song and who do You think nailed it best.

Make use of the comment section below.


  1. Hi, I love Enulee's Suicide coz it's a campaign again Suicide,But Emaxee's What if is just a Lamentation of his fraustration.

  2. Yo enulee suicide for sure

  3. To me and me alone, I think Emaxee's "What If" deserves d crown here.... This guy delivered punchlines we dey make girls were����

  4. Oyekanmi Ifeoluwa19 July 2019 at 20:23

    Enulee nailed it mehn...he's passing a message out there against suicide which is rampant in our society. God leads you love