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Story Time: “INSIDE LIFE” – Episode 2 (Oluwatobiloba makes a move on)


Phew! Slyvia wasn’t as easy as I’d thought. I’d envisioned she’s gonna be an easy catch and I’d be done and over to the next girl in no time… but after three weeks I was frustrated.

I’d exhausted almost all my skills! When other babes would have fallen like a pack of cards upon my first try and I never almost have to try a second time, mehn Slyvia got me trying over and over. One tough nut to crack is what she’s proving to be abi??

Okay, like I said earlier…earlier earlier ni oo… Like I said, we are course mates. When I found that out, boy! Was I happy? It was all the invitation I needed.

So first up, I spent some time studying her. I made sure she knew I was on her case (for your case oo…by – who sang it sef?)So I made sure I stared and as expected, we locked gazes most of the time. And she smiled in return

.My heart melted when she first smiled at me. It actually did a flip in my chest. I was that happy.

It was the day she left her assignment back in her hostel and she’d misplaced her key too. I became the helper of the helpless. See me as I was hacking at her door trying to force it open. Mostly so I’d go in and we’d do some stuff tho, but that didn’t happen. I got a smile, and e sweet me for belle, I no go lie. She’s pretty when she opens those sensuous lips in a smile.

And the next time was when we had a long time together. It was during the dinner party for we freshers and she was looking so breathtaking. I’d picked a girl for the night tho and we were having the best of time but my mind was still on Sylvia. It was Sylvia meant to be seated next to me, I thought furiously as I glanced in her direction again and again.

Her gown was slitted at the thigh downward and every time she lifted those shapely legs, the sight nearly drove me mad. I imagined those legs wrapped around my hips as I pummelled her… My ‘temporary’ date soon noticed I was distracted and angrily left. What do I care?

I took that as an opportunity to walk over to my lady beauty and she was beaming already. Yea, I had that much effect on her and other ladies. I couldn’t deny the glances passed in my direction all through. I discarded them tho…

I have my eyes on one girl alone. But what I didn’t understand was, if Slyvia could sense the attraction, why then was she stalling?? I was puzzled but I pushed the thought out my head. It wasn’t needed. Anyway, I refilled her drink and hugely complimented on her looks. She nearly gagged when I told her she was the most beautiful female I had set my eyes on except my mother. Greenlight yo

So the evening went on as we talked on and on, from school work to music to movies. We didn’t run out of what to say and yes, she was a good conversationist. And that was when I got to know of her difficulty with MTH 101, and as the sharp guy I was, I offered to take her on an exclusive class. Lmao, MTH 101? I did it in my mother’s womb. She blushed all the while and batted her eyelid. My brain was turnioiniown the whole time. I even had my arms around her shoulder a while. She didn’t protest so I left it there. I was even tryna wander a bit but that was when the floor was opened for dance. I led her and we dug it quite well. She’s got some steps! And class too. That’s why I’m willing to do all I can to get her, whatever it is gonna cost me.

So did we end up together that night? Was she as tough as she had put forward?? Find out in the next episode!

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