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UNIOSUN: 8 things Freshers and Staylites Must take note of, before getting a new Hostel as Resumption Approaches [Must Read]

Hey A2Bers at Osun State University, it's been a while, first of all we congratulate the Freshers on their admissions as we await more lists and we say Happy Resumption in advance to the staylites.

We stumbled on an article recently by Uniosunnews and we deemed it fit to share.

In the article, Uniosunnews highlighted some very important factors you shouldn’t neglect when you’re on a hunt for a new hostel in UNIOSUN:

1) Make sure you set out to hunt for new hostels on rainy days. This is very important in order to avoid renting a hostel with leaking roofs. It’s better to avoid a house like this than to rent the hostel unknowingly and start running after the landlord to fix his roof.

2) Faulty window frames. A house with faulty window frames is one with an invitation to petty thieves. Make sure you don’t overlook this. Your security must be paramount.

3) Electricity. Before you pay for that hostel. Inquiry about how electricity bills are paid. Some hostels have their electricity disconnected more than ten times in a semester over incessant disagreement between students and landlords on whose duty it is to pay for electricity.

4) Water. Unless you’re from another planet, water has to be very important to your existence. Does that hostel have a functioning water supply system?

5) The landlord factor. Another very important factor is this – how responsive is your landlord when issues needing his attention arises? Some landlords are found of disappearing totally during the semester, unyielding to students plea for repairs in the hostel.

6) proximity to the school. Hostels around the school area are always regarded as generally safe. The farther away the hostel is from school area, the more you’re prone to insecurity.

7) Cleaning of hostels. If you’re one person who gets easily irked by dirt and waste lying around, you should find out how the hostel you’re planning on moving into is cleaned. Do they have a cleaner that comes regularly? Are the students the ones in charge of cleaning?

8) Gate/security man. A lot of things happen around the students environment during the session. It’s most advisable to get a hostel with at least a sense of security.We wish you all Goodluck in your search for new shelters.

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