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GodGatUs: See How Funke Akindele escaped being used for ritual in Ikorodu [Details]

It was learnt that the the actress whilst filming her famous comedy series, Jenifa, alongside some other colleagues almost lost their lives to ritualists who spotted them in the night
UK based Nollywood actress, Timmy K Macnicol, who was an eye witness during the incident revealed that it was indeed a scary scenario which she would never forget
She said;
“I was on the set of Funke Akindele’s movie, Jenifa. It was at Ikorodu, Lagos, I won’t say it’s my best moment though, but it was a moment I can never forget; on the set of Jenifa. It was my start up days and such a big opportunity.

On that set, the night we were supposed to do the shrine scene was the night I can never forget. At about 2am, we came across some sets of ritual killers. It was terrible. I almost died. I was scared to my bone and heart. I was shivering. The person that was driving was a good driver. She bumped into them reversed with speed. They were wearing white on white and came after us. I was scared, I hear of this but has never experienced it until that day. They would have ended us using us all for blood money.
Another moment I won’t forget was on the set of Crazy Princess. It was more of fun with my extended family. From the cast to the crew and all, it was such an amazing experience. I was on same with with Ngozi Ezeonu, Harry B and all.

Then, I almost drowned in Asaba on the set of same Crazy Princess. It was first time filming in a fast flowing water. The water was so sloppy and dirty. The water almost swallowed me. I practically drowned. The guards had to quickly recuse me. I enjoyed my way all through,” she said.

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