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Just in:Manchester United's top 10 goal scorers of the decade

The Red Devils began 2010 under Sir Alex Ferguson as the best club in England. But all their success stopped when the legendary Scottish manager retired from management in 2013. The remainder of the decade has been tough for United.

As the decade comes to an end, let's take a look at United's 10 top goal scorers of the decade.

10. Jesse Lingard - 30 goals

Lingard makes the list despite scoring just once for his club in 2019.

9. Paul Pogba - 31 goals

Pogba has racked up a decent tally of goals from central midfield.

8. Dimitar Berbatov - 36 goals

Berbatov managed 36 goals for United before leaving in 2012.

7. Romelu Lukaku - 42 goals

Lukaku was criticised during his time with the club, but 42 goals in two seasons is a decent return.

6. Juan Mata - 45 goals

Mata isn't known for his goalscoring prowess but has chipped in with a few this decade.

5. Anthony Martial - 58 goals

Martial, now being deployed as a striker under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, will be aiming to better this tally next decade.

4. Robin Van Persie - 58 goals

Van Persie effectively won the title himself in Sir Alex Ferguson's last season in charge. He notched 30 times in that campaign.

3. Javier Hernandez - 59 goals

The ultimate goal poacher. Most of those 59 goals would have come off the bench.

2. Marchs Rashford - 61 goals

Rashford only made his debut in 2015 but has recorded an impressive number of goals since. Barring a catastrophe, he will no doubt beat that tally next decade.

1. Wayne Rooney - 145 goals

What a player. Rooney managed 145 goals this decade, which is an incredible 84 more than what Rashford achieved.

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