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Lobatan: Drama As IG Big Boy, Hushpuppi goes broke, cries out on social media [Video]

Dubai based big boy, Hushpuppi has cried out on social media where he revealed that he’s broke and that people should stop begging him for money.
Hushpuppi, who is popular for flaunting a flamboyant lifestyle on Instagram, revealed that he’s an embodiment of problems and so can’t solve that of others.

See the video below.

Months ago, Hushpuppi revealed on Instagram that he’s having sleepless nights.

This came just days after he bought himself a brand new Ferrari to add to his collection of cars.
Found in his garage now are a Rolls Royce, Bentley Bentayga and a Ferrari. However, all of these luxurious items haven’t been able to give Hushpuppi a rest of mind as he now finds it hard to sleep at night.
Perhaps, what the big boy is suffering from is as a result of fake life which he has been accused severally of living. One of his former associates, Cubanna Chief Priest, once took to social media to call him out with claims that all the cars he claims to have bought this year were rented.

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