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#BBNaija: "They're here for Ultimate Love, Not Big Brother" Nigerians Drag Lilo & Eric for innocently falling in love with each other [Details]

They always say Love at first sight Kuku exist but we never taught it will come into existence on our flat screens and most especially in the four corners of the big Brother's house this soon.

Barely 48hrs into the house, we all at A2satsBlog have been noticing some incoming Erekere(rough play) between our sister in the Lord, Lilo and our Brother in Christ, Eric.

From Piggybacking on Day 2, to cuddling and all, well maybe we should even watch out for much more in the next few days to come as the Ocean of love has started shipping these two away from their main goals in the house.

As usual, Nigerians are not even letting this slide a bit. See how they are currently dragging these two lovers like sey LOVE is forbidden, it can HAPPEN TO ANYONE NA.

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