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Deborah Tushima’s death: Recent Update on Makeup Artist who was poisoned at her birthday party after receiving iPhone 11 gift will shock you [Details]

A family member of a young makeup artist, Deborah Tushima who slumped and died on her birthday has debunked circulating rumours that she was poisoned by a friend because she got an iPhone 11 as a gift.

Kemi Filani News reports that the young lady passed on after she slumped while dancing at her birthday party on July 4.

Tushima celebrated her birthday on Saturday, July 4, sharing new photos of herself on her social media platform.
She captioned the photos;
So many things to be grateful for, the greatest is the gift of LIFE! Happy birthday to me, pls say a prayer for me.
Deborah Tushima
Deborah Tusshima

Unfortunately, she slumped and died hours later while partying with friends.

It was later being circulated that she was poisoned by her friend because she got an iPhone 11 as a gift.

“She was poisoned or enchanted to death by those foxes that claims to be her friends on her birthday eve, just because she was gifted iPhone 11. Sometimes we dine with our enemies inform of friends, we need to be careful with the kind of people we roll on with!” Twitter users claimed.

According to a family member of the deceased, Tushima did not die of poisoning, contrary to the rumour.

In screenshots of a chat shared on Twitter by a friend to the family member, Tushima simply slumped due to a heart problem.

The family member said she started ‘fainting’ recently and the one that happened at her birthday party and ultimately led to her death was the fourth time she fainted in recent time.
The family member said;
Later on we discovered that she has a heart problem that makes her faint, and she has been fainting for some time but neither mum nor dad knew about that.
The person added that she died in Makurdi, where she was doing her internship (IT) and not in Jos as claimed.

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