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#Bbnaija: Mad o! See what Ozo did after Nengi asked him to say Goodnight and stop backing her in Bed Tonight [Video]

"Keep the same energy tomorrow morning" - Nengi said to Ozo after he refused to say GOOD NIGHT to her in Bed Tonight

After a series of long night talks between Ozo and Nengi in the early of hours of Monday, Nengi decides to encourage the young man to bid her goodnight, A2B reports.

The following conversation then ensued between the two:

NENGI: You too go to bed. Tomorrow morning you’ll be half-asleep and half awake. Goodnight

OZO: ...

NENGI: Say goodnight

OZO: ... *turns back*

NENGI: don’t play with me, say goodnight, So you too you're backing me...keep the same energy tomorrow morning...will you answer me, big head?

OZO: ...

(Ozo ignores and continues with his sleep)

(Then she went to bed, backing him as well)

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Do you think OZO made the right decision?

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