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Shey Bobrisky Wa Kere Ni: Trouble looms as James Brown begins to drag Bobrisky like Tiger Generator again, says he is living a fake life [Video]

Another trouble is about to start following the unending battle between James Brown and his fellow crossdresser, Bobrisky.

In a video James released a few hours ago, he mentioned that Bobriksy is living a fake life and his promise are always empty because he does not fulfil them.

According to James, Bobrisky makes empty promises on social media so that people and like him and get more fans.

Citing himself as an example, James said he once promised him a sum of N200,000 but ended up giving him N100,000 thereby making the world think he actually fulfilled his promise.

Watch the video below;

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See some of the comments this generated on Instagram;

@omotoke_00 wrote “If Bob answer am back now…he/she go start to cry…werey omo”

@its.itunu wrote “If they threaten you now…You’ll start crying”

@john_sage11 wrote “Make them carry this Wan go out for yabaleft psychic centre… E remain rope to tie am”

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