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I will become a farmer rather than work in office ― Raji Kasco, media consultant

A media consultant, Raji Damilola Kazeem (brand name “
Raji Kasco”), has said he hates office work life and would rather become a farmer instead with vanguard news. 

Raji Kasco, a student of the Polytechnic Ibadan, studying Insurance, without mincing words claimed money was the first inspiration behind his joining the media consultancy business.

According to him, “I first joined the media consultancy business because of money but when going deeper, I later discovered I had passion for it because I don’t feel like giving up anytime soon”.

The media consultant who has been in the industry for about three (3) years while describing the challenges faced so far, said; “I personally faced a lot of challenges. I can’t live my normal life again because I have to stay away from something and also one of the biggest challenges is people think I have much spare time and I should be available for them.

It was not easy to build the name Rhaji Kasco. Building the brand wasn’t a day’s work. It took persistence and lots of ups and downs.

“The day I was promised I will be traveling out of Nigeria to any other country with all expenses paid was the most memorable time in my career”.

Raji Kasco however noted there are some engagements he would never entertain, “any job that might damage or affect my career”.

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