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We have heard the voice of the Òrìṣà. The date has finally been picked for long awaited Yemoja Festival 2021. 

We are inviting everyone to the Annual Yemoja Festival 2021 which will starts on the 14th of October. 

YEMOJA FESTIVAL is a 17-day annual festival that showcases the very best of Yorùbá religion and spirituality in a comprehensive festival programme of Òrìṣà dance, songs, propitiations. 

YEMOJA FESTIVAL has come to be seen as a positive and important symbol of Yorùbá religion (Iṣẹ̀ṣẹ̀) that brings huge audiences together to celebrate something positive, that is the healing, prayers and spirituality at it's purest form. 

Certainly, we are looking forward receiving you to partake of the rich, diverse and wide ranging festival.

Yemoja a gbe wa oooo... Àṣẹ ire!

Eèpàà Omi O

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