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#BBNaija: GhenGhen! Drama as Chichi and Ilebaye fight dirty over Groovy at the party [Full Gist + Video]

Big Brother Naija Level-up Housemate, ChiChi and Ilebaye got into an heated argument during the Saturday night party over Groovy.

Drama as Chichi and Ilebaye fight dirty over Groovy at the party - A2satsBlog

A2satsBlog Media gathered that Groovy had made a move to dance with Chichi few minutes after entering the dancing floor.

She agreed and while they were at it, Ilebaye stormed them and pushed Chichi off then begin to dance with Groovy instead.

Irritated by the act, Chichi geared up and displaced Ilebaye as well to continue dancing with Groovy.

According to A2satsBlog Media, Ilebaye went ahead to bring in Phyna to taunt off Chichi together and then they started dancing with Groovy.

Chichi thereafter felt embarrassed and stepped out to discuss with Chomzy.

She then came across Groovy outside the party and immediately let him know that she was embarrassed by the act put by Ilebaye and Phyna, asking why Groovy could not man up enough to handle the situation rightly.

Ilebaye immediately showed up to tender her apologies which however fell on the deaf ears of Chichi as she called her “Lowlife” and “a disgrace to womanhood” for fighting her over a guy who actually came to her to request a dance instead.

Hurt by the choice of words of Chichi, Ilebaye couldn’t bottle up her emotions as she burst in tears while narrating the issue to Chomzy.

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