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Agbako: Drama as Nkechi Blessing shares 'D-ldo' as souvenir at late mum’s remembrance [Watch Here]

Actress Nkechi Blessing has upset many of her fans and followers for “disrespecting” her late mum by distributing dildos as souvenirs to guests at her just concluded one-year remembrance ceremony of her late mum.

Drama as Nkechi Blessing shares 'D-ldo' as souvenir at late mum’s remembrance - A2satsblog

“I am not trying to say men are scum cos I have a man but you sometimes need to help yourself for when you don’t have a man, this is my souvenir for the single ladies here, to help yourself” Nkechi Blessing announced at the remembrance ceremony just before distributing the dildos.

The act has since sparked an uproar on social media with many condemning and criticizing the actress for choosing to disrespect her late mum.

“shame on you Nkechi for trying to catch clout at your mom’s 1 year remembrance with this show of shame, such disrespect” one Makinde wrote

“This is why no man takes you seriously, you have no self respect” one Aina wrote

“What’s this? How can you disrespect your mother’s memory like this all in the name of clout, is she mentally okay, someone please check on her” one Sunday wrote

Kemi FIlani reported earlier that Nkechi Blessing Sunday stressed that she is a bad girl but not as bad as some other humans in her line of business.

Speaking moments ago at the one-year remembrance ceremony of her late mum, the controversial actress went on to dismiss the viral reports that she has a politician or sugar daddy bankrolling her, owing all her wealth to her hard work.

“Despite being raised in a bar parlor, i turned out well, it is believed that bar parlor girls are bad…well, I might be bad but not that bad, I am bad and good, regardless of what you hear about me from the media, those who know me and are close to me know I am the best person you can have in your corner…God punish any politician they say is sponsoring me, all I have is by my hard work…I may not be a billionaire yet but I am very comfortable and I am not begging to eat, my mum is the sweetest woman I know and I will keep remembering her till I die” she said.

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