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Google Adsense Arbitrage: How You Risk Getting Banned and How To Play Safe [All You should know]

Did you know that global ad spend is predicted to cross half a billion dollars this year? In all seriousness, that’s a lot of money.
Google Adsense Arbitrage: How You Risk Getting Banned and How To Play Safe - A2satsBlog

Publishers need to keep up with the latest programmatic trends & work on growing their pageviews to scale their ad impressions. The market is ever-changing and it’s important you stay on top of the latest ideas.

Organic traffic is a great source of traffic but only if your website has been around for some time, is ranked highly in search engines, and has enough content to support the search engines. So how do you bring targeted visitors to a newly created blog or website? Simply by building links through digital arbitration and generating relevant content, & paying to bring in some traffic. That’s when AdSense arbitrage comes in handy.

With the right approach and strategy, you can drive traffic from other sources (paid traffic) to your site and make money. How does it work? I’m glad you asked.

This blog post breaks down everything you need to know about Google AdSense Arbitrage.

What is AdSense Arbitrage?

AdSense arbitrage involves publishers buying traffic through paid ads. This can be done through social media platforms such as Facebook or Reddit, where you buy traffic from those platforms’ advertising APIs or dashboard; or it can be done with other online advertising networks that allow for low-cost paid traffic such as Google’s search ads, Bing Ads, and more.

The main goal is to boost the CTR (click-through rate) on their site’s AdSense ads which help scale their ad earnings as well. In order to break even or profit, publishers’ AdSense earnings needs to be more than what they are chipping in while buying traffic.

This takes much skill and a great deal of research into the paid channels you want to drive traffic through, but once you get a handle on how it works and where you should invest your money in, there are several different ways you can pull profit out of it.

If you want more information about how AdSense arbitrage works or whether it’s something you should try out with your own site, keep reading!
Googl Adsense Arbitrage with Facebook - A2satsBlog

How does AdSense Arbitrage Work?

The process of AdSense arbitrage begins by purchasing traffic for your website or blog. You’re going to be spending money to acquire visitors to your website or blog, but you’re going to be making money in the end by monetizing those visitors with AdSense ads.

Once you have the traffic, you need to place AdSense ads by embedding a header code on that very page that you’ve acquired traffic for.

This is where Google AdSense arbitrage gets its name—you are essentially embedding (arbitraging) AdSense ads on your own website and making money off of them. To complete the process, you’re going to work to convert this traffic into leads when users click on your ads, thereby generating ad revenue.

The best part about it is that Google takes care of everything for you—you don’t need to worry about finding advertisers or creating the ads yourself.

Is AdSense Arbitrage legal?

When you first hear about AdSense Arbitrage, it might sound like a scam. That’s exactly what many assumed when the idea was first brought up, but AdSense Arbitrage is completely legal and allowed by Google. Publishers are ultimately responsible for their site’s traffic regardless of the sources.

Google’s monetization and ads policy states that publishers are welcome to promote their site in any manner that complies with Google’s program policies.

However, we do not recommend you to buy traffic from shady or untrustworthy sources.

For instance: click farms sending bot traffic to your site will ultimately lead to AdSense bans, ad serving restrictions, and revenue clawbacks.

This is why you need to be extremely cautioned while partnering with external third-party traffic providers.

If an AdSense account sees a large amount of bot and fake traffic, leading to invalid clicks on ads, the account will be suspended.

This type of activity is easy to mitigate if you use Traffic Cop which helps you detect and block all kinds of invalid traffic on your site.


Paid Traffic Sources for AdSense Arbitrage
Organic traffic and paid traffic are both solid ways to get visitors to your site. Despite the risks of purchasing traffic, AdSense arbitrage is an instant way to get some traffic rollin’ to your site.

Now, let’s discuss what are some effective and legal ways to buy traffic online:

When it comes to purchasing quality website traffic, Facebook is a good choice.

The thing is, while 75% of Facebook traffic comes from mobile users, the majority of these are not interested in content that is longer than a few paragraphs. As such, while Facebook is an excellent source of traffic, it’s important to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile users to ensure maximum revenue.

When you use RevContent to promote your content, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to get people clicking through to your site. You also get complete control over customized targeting, partnerships with similar sites, and all-around content promotion.

Bing Ads
The great thing about Bing ads is that they are more focused on organic searches than Google Adsense. This means that people looking for something specific will often use Bing, making relevant ads easier to find. Also, many of these users are using Bing because they have Windows computers, so the ad clicks tend to be more targeted and less like random web surfing.

Taboola has created a service that allows AdSense publishers to create content hubs based on their most popular articles, which can lead to increased traffic from this service as well. It also enables a publisher to reach its audience in multiple ways, as users can reach publishers through different channels such as social media and search engines.

How Does AdSense Arbitrage Make Money?

Once you buy traffic from legit sources and its directed to your site, you can see improvements when it comes to boosted CTRs, more ad impressions, and better ad revenue.

Cost Per Click (CPC)
When it comes to AdSense arbitrage, the most important metric for a publisher to measure is Cost Per Click (CPC). In other words, when you’re trying to decide whether or not you can make money with arbitrage, all you have to do is measure how much you’re paying for traffic versus how much Google is paying you for that same traffic. One important thing I’ve noticed about AdSense arbitrage publishers is that they usually don’t pay close attention to this number, because they’re too focused on how much of their own money they’re putting into the project.

Other than CPC, you also need to look into RPMs i.e revenue per milles as it gives a more accurate view on how much money your site is actually making. Once you calculate your RPM and keep track of it, you’ll know what you should be paying for traffic to make more money through AdSense arbitrage.

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