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Catch-Up Time With A2SAT: UNIOSUN Jang UK! Meet the viral Final year student who broke the internet with his stunning self-made KOREAN outfit [Details]

Sholagbade OluwaGbohunmi Ayomide, a dedicated biochemistry student in his final year at Osun State University, has caught the attention of social media users with his remarkable fashion sense. Despite his academic pursuits, Sholagbade's passion for fashion has propelled him into the limelight, as reported by A2satsBlog Media.
UNIOSUN Jang UK! Meet the viral Final year student who broke the internet with his stunning self-made KOREAN outfit - A2satsBlog

In a recent feat, gathered by A2B Media, Ayomide gained viral fame on various social media platforms for his awe-inspiring Korean outfit. Notably, what sets his achievement apart is the fact that he meticulously crafted the ensemble entirely on his own, showcasing his remarkable talent and creativity.

The outfit included a beautiful hat crafted from needle, net, thread, and copper wire. It's no secret that Sholagbade is a huge fan of Korean culture, which is evident in his work. 

When asked about his brand, he revealed that he plans on starting a school of fashion someday, and AcetylcoA Fashion House will be the name of the brand. His clients have been raving about his work, with many asking him to make similar outfits for them. 

Sholagbade OluwaGbohunmi Ayomide at his workshop - A2satsBlog
Join us in exploring the world of Ayomide as he shares his amazing story, inspiration and fashion journey with A2satsBlog Correspondent, which serves as a testament to the power of pursuing one's passions alongside academic pursuits. 

Checkout the brief interview session with SHOLAGBADE below

Kindly tell us your name, school, department and level please
Sholagbade: I'm Sholagbade OluwaGbohunmi Ayomide by name, a student of Osun state university, department of Biochemistry and I am presently in my final year.
A particular picture of you in a Korean outfit has been going viral online for a couple of days, how do you feel about this?
Excited, impressed because I see it really worth making the outfit.

You mean you made the outfit all by yourself?
Yes sir,  Although I cut the body of the cloth in a Tailor shop in school area. So the owner of the, assisted me in thinking/ let me say he supervised me. But the remaining cutting and Sewing was done by me in a female Friend hostel who has a sewing machine. The hat was done using Needle, Net, thread and copper wire right in my own hostel (overnight)

But it seems like it took a lot of time and effort. What's the duration of time you spent on making the outfit?
3 days spent. I spent like roughly 2hours on the cutting on the first day, about 4 hours on the sewing on the second day, and about 3hours + on the hat overnight.
What inspired you to make that particular outfit?
I love Koreans styles, music, movies, language, and everything about their culture. Am even learning Korean Language (Hangeul) since last year September at Yonsei University on a Coursera online platform. Although, I have to pause abit because of Academics, UNIOSUN stress is another thing to consider.

What's the name of your Fashion brand?
AcetylcoA Fashion House

Has your Brand been getting enough recognition and patronization since you went viral?
Yeah, to some large extent. People do ask me, "you made the outfit ?? maybe you make something similar for me too". But I don't really tell people the name yet. But that's the planned name if eventually am starting a school of Fashion someday ( of which is part of my plan)

Do you make other styles/types of outfits as well?
Not yet. But planning on making one when money is available.

Basically you make ONLY Korean outfits for now right?
I make male outfit for people on a normal day.  But I can also make the Korean outfit if any of my customers are interested.
How can your prospective clients reach you for your service?
Via Phone call - 08119653072, 07032736427
Via WhatsApp - 08119653072
Via Facebook - Gbohunmi Ayomide
Via Instagram - @gbohunmiayomide.

We have come to the end of your interview session. It has been fun interacting with you for the past few minutes. Thanks for taking out time to have this session with us, we appreciate you.
It's my pleasure sir

Sholagbade's ability to excel in both his studies and fashion endeavors demonstrates a multifaceted individual who has embraced the opportunity to shine in diverse areas of interest.

If you're interested in his services, feel free to reach out to him on any of his social media platforms. He makes male outfits on a regular basis, but if you're interested in a unique Korean outfit, he can also create that for you. 

All in all, Ayomide's passion for fashion is truly inspiring. It goes to show that with hard work and determination, you can turn your dreams into a reality. Keep an eye out for AcetylcoA Fashion House - we're confident it will become a household name in the fashion industry in the nearest future.

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