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Mohbad's Case: Some workplaces are worse than Marlian Records - Nigerian Lecturer, Benjamin Adebisi Scatters the Internet, Defends Naira Marley [Details]

A reputable Nigerian lecturer and online controversialist, Mr Benjamin Adebisi, has come out to drop one or two "Food for thoughts" for Critics of Naira Marley regarding the death of his (Naira Marley's) signee, Mohbad, A2satsBlog Media reports.
Some workplaces are worse than Marlian Records - Nigerian Lecturer, Benjamin Adebisi Scatters the Internet, Sides Naira Marley - A2satsBlog Media

The Anatomy lecturer, expressed that Azeez Fashola, Naira Marley does not deserve the public criticism that he's currently facing and emphasized on the fact that some workplaces are worse in term of Employer-Employee relationship across the nation.

In a thought-provoking piece, Mr. Adebisi, shares his insights on the Naira Marley and MohBad case, highlighting the complexity of the situation, cautioning against hasty judgments and clout-chasing.

According to A2B Media, the lecturer questions the public's desire to see stars fall and the proliferation of videos, posts, and supposed prophecies about Naira Marley and his associates.

Mr. Adebisi stresses that Naira Marley's life and career reflect struggles faced by low-income individuals and gangsters in the UK and the US, where involvement in drugs, petty theft, and street fighting is not uncommon.

He defends Naira Marley against criticism for using explicit language in his music, noting that such content is widespread in entertainment and is usually censored for mature audiences.

The lecturer went further to point out that Naira Marley is not a role model for youth and should not be held to that standard. He suggests that other aspects of popular culture, such as reality TV shows like Big Brother Naija and Nollywood movies, contain questionable influences as well.

Mr. Benjamin, concludes by questioning why unproductive lifestyles have gain so much attention and patronage in our society and emphasizes on the need for a more balanced perspective on Naira Marley's journey, urging people not to be so quick to judge until he has been proven guilty by the court of law.

Read the full article shared on his Facebook page below:

What the Critics of Naira Marley need to Learn.

By: Benjamin Adebisi

Azeez Adeshina Fashola, known as Naira Marley is a British-Nigerian singer and songwriter and the acclaimed president of the Marlians.

The 32- year old Record label owner recently appeared to be on a bad note of many Nigerians, some who patronised him before now, because of the death of one of the artistes with his record label, who appeared to part ways before meeting his untimely death.

As much as I wouldn't join in clout chasing unnecessary sympathy of a singer, MohBad, who suddenly wanted to be a multimillionaire without understanding the terms of agreement he signed with the Owner of the label; it is apparent that the several situation preceeding the death of Mohbad was more than an employee being molested by the Boss; of course, there were underlying allegation of drug deal, drug abuse and greed which occurred before the unfortunate death.

However, since the desire of many Nigerians is to see stars fall, it is not unexpected to see several video footages, posts and supposed prophecies about Naira Marley and his gang.

As against popular ignorant reports flying around, Naira Marley graduated with Dinstintion in Business from Peckhanm Academy in the United Kingdom and also studied Business Law at Crossways College, now Christ the King Sixth Form College, also in the UK. so Naira is a well educated young man.

However, the rather infamous arrest of Naira Marley by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on the 10th of May, 2019 alongside his friends,  Omoniyi Temidayo Raphel also known as Zlatan, Tiamiu Kayode and others brought him much popularity, after the release of the single "AM I A YAHOO BOY?".

Marley was in custody and charged to court but released on a Two million naira bail about two weeks after pleading not guilty; he afterwards released the popular  "SOAPY" a single describing masturbation among male prison inmates.

Thereafter, Naira Marley was seen in the company of Funke Akindele and others flouting the COVID-19 Lockdown and social distancing order imposed by former President Muhammadu Buhari; he was also seen performing in a concert in Abuja despite the interstate travel ban.

Now before the Mohbad case erupted, Naira was always seen talking about Mohbad being always High on drugs and he will not post some of Mohbad's misbehaviour during his drugs intoxication  for the sake of his signee's privacy.

Unfortunately, the whole country appeared to be against this young man and several youthful exuberance which are not peculiar to Naira Marley suddenly became a weapon to obliterate his career.

Now, a critical analysis of Naira Marley's life and career is a familiar struggle of low income earners and gangsters in the United Kingdom and United States of America. 

It is not uncommon for a struggling kid engage in drugs sale, use, petty thefts, street fighting and so on in any slum or low income habitats across the world.

Anyone, who had not being in street fight most likely will be repeated bullied and even as an adult we all have those in the street appearing to be more than others and such superfluousness could only be trashed out with exchanges of fists; thus, if Naira Marley had his 124 arrests and incarcerations from street brawls and gang fighting, it is very normal and no one could use that against him.

Additionally, the ignorance of the general public is forgetting the fact that Naira Marley is an entertainer and it is not uncommon to use explicit words or vulgar languages in musical entertainment and almost all these songs are censored and for mature audience.

The use of sexually explicit contents has inundated almost every aspect of human activities, from music to movies to advertisement and sports, therefore, Marley will never go down on the hypocritical excoriations of social media business guys who kept referring to unrelated stories about Naira Marley in order to make cases against him. 

Moreover, Naira Marley is not your children's or youth life coach, so it is not necessary to nail him based on negative influences alleged against his styles of entertainment; there are more vices in Big Brother Naija and Nollywood than what Naira Marley has portrayed in his music.

Nevertheless, we need to ask ourselves the question while unproductive lifestyles have gained so much attention and patronages in our society and system?

A promising young Azeez Adeshina Fashola, who had Distinction in Business studies suddenly changed to entertainment with so much reprobate exhibition and socially unacceptable behaviour to make it in life and many people believe he will not influence our youths to follow suit since the ones, who faced their studies could barely make ends meet.

However, my exasperation has come from pots calling kettle black on Marley-Mohbad case, as the situation of Employer-Employee intimation is rife in every sector and sadly, alluding unfortunate challenges to a number of Naira Marley's signees looked insincere because if we check the employees in our institutions, we will understand that lots of them had better lives before joining their present workplaces and nobody has been able to challenge the authorities for bringing misfortunes on the staff members.

I had to put this piece on to assure everyone that until the honourable Court of Justice has charged Naira Marley on any wrong doing or responsibility on Mohbad's death, all of you are just playing and it will be appropriate to better face your own lives.

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