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Are Drugs Safe or Dangerous?

We all know drugs are harmful; as Professor Mackey put it: “drugs are bad, m’kay, so, if you do drugs, you’re bad, m’kay, because drugs are bad. They can hurt your body, m’kay, cause drugs are bad, m’kay… “
Or maybe it was Whitney Huston who said it best when she uttered the most eloquent of lines regarding drug use: “Crack Is whack!”
Rick James once said: “cocaine is a hell of a drug”.
As heavy drug users that they were, they had a pretty good idea of the damage drugs can do to the human body, especially when the use is heavy and sustained over long periods of time, when this happens you can tell just what kind of toll it takes on a person’s appearance.
Celebrities seem to be especially prone to heavy drug use, there’s something about the parties, the money, the power, the pressures from agents, the fans, the none stop concerts, TV appearances etc. Drugs offer an outlet, but it comes at a steep price.
Let’s take a gander at what kind of damage we are talking about here:

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