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No Time To Check Time: Bride to-be flees with $287k meant for wedding

A run-away bride to be, identified as Yu Qing Weng, has been reprtedly dragged to court by her jilted groom, Jin Dong of Manhattan.

According to the lawsuit, She “inducted to marry her … without any intention of keeping her promise in order to obtain the money and jewelry”

In the lawsuit filed on Wednesday, Jin Dong accused the Brooklyn woman of stealing $287,033 in cash gifts, jewelry and costs linked to their pre-wedding reception, and moving out of their home in August 2017 without getting married to him.

New York Times reported that Weng collected her pre-nuptial windfall in January 2017, and disappeared seven months later with “all of the money and jewelry she received in anticipation of the contemplated marriage,” according to the lawsuit.

She fled with $40,000 in “exquisite betrothal gold jewelry” and a $63,300 cash dowry paid by the groom as is the custom in their native China, the lawsuit charged.

Dong additionally paid his fiancée’s mom an additional $5,300 “gift of appreciation” along with an extra $2,000 apiece to Weng’s grandmother and kid brother.

The lawsuit specifically charges Dong’s family and friends gave $110,000 in cash that disappeared along with Weng. In addition to the runaway bride, the lawsuit cites her parents Mei Zhu Weng and QiYong Weng.

However reacting to the lawsuit, the bride to be said “It’s not true, I would never do this. He’s making it up”.

Weng’s mum who was also dragged into the lawsuit, said the groom was a cheapskate who despite his free-spending claims, never even bought her daughter an engagement ring.

“We didn’t take the money. Jin Dong was mean,” the mom said through a translator. “He never gave (Yu Qing) any money to live. He didn’t buy her any jewelry.”

From the court papers, it was gathered that the couple “had an intimate relationship” before announcing their engagement in 2016, followed by a traditional wedding banquet “in anticipation of a contemplated civil marriage.”

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