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BREAKING: Uniosun Student sparks the Internet, Makes History as He Launches Humanity Outreach Foundation "Hope For The World" [Full Details]

A2B gathered that A Uniosunite by the name, Oyeniyi Micheal has made an History by launching his Humanity Outreach Foundation, "Hope For The World" making him one of the first Students to ever take such great Step Today(January 2) and it's currently breaking the internet.

See more details below.

_( Humanity outreach foundation )_

_Hope For the World_ is an humanity outreach foundation which will be launched on the 2nd day  of January,2019. The foundation is owned by a young man who sees the effect of poverty as one basic barrier to the development of human race. The effect of poverty on children, women and old men can never be  underestimated as it has led to various societal issues such as illiteracy, prostitution, robbery, increase in cyber crime, untimely death and various health issues .The pioneer of this foundation who has a greater love for humanity  is troubled to stand as a body that'll serve  as an Hope to the Hopeless.

Apparently we have thousands of children forced  into labour, prostitution and anti societal vices  as they were exposed to poor treatment from their parents, community  and  the government.

So therefore,this foundation seeks to improve the welfare of the poor masses by seeking the sponsorship of various business tycoons, organization, individuals, religious organization,firms,schools and both governmental and Non-governmental establishment to help in actualizing this great _vision_

     We are mainly concerned with  facilitating the welfare of the
✅ Orphans
✅ Handicap
✅ Less privileged
✅ Educational scholarship for the poor
✅ Provision of Educational materials
✅ Paying for those that cannot afford money for surgeries
✅ Feeding the beggars
✅ Setting up petty business for women and men

```We urge you and implore you that your token can save life and bring joy to some set of people that does not have hope of a better future.```

Kindly contact us for donations and sponsorship via our WhatsApp number by taping this link (HERE)

Or via our Facebook page (HERE)

Thank you and God bless you as you bless the lifetime of some people with your token๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

For Donations:
First Bank

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