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#BBNaija: E Don happen! Is Kiddwaya getting tired of Erica? see how he indirectly told her that she is below his standard [Details]

On so many occasions, Kiddwaya has in one way or the other, made statements that have made Erica doubt what they have together. This time around, he indirectly told her that she's below his standard, as his family and friends will not accept her for who she is.

This is the conversation that went on between the pair:

Kidd: I don't want to lead you on. And i can't say some things here. There are many guys out there who will be in touch with their emotions as you want.

Erica: it's OK. You don't need to say anything if you don't feel like. I understand you and that's all that matters. 

Kidd: you're very emotional. It's not a bad thing, but i don't know if you can bear what comes with being with me. My family, my uncles, my girlfriends and boyfriends will judge you so bad and i don't want to put you through that.

Erica: Judge me for what? 

Kidd: for not being enough or up to. They always say Kidd this one is out for your money, this and that. But you're a lovely person. You're a good person. 

Erica: Why will they determine what you will want? 

Kidd: am not that independent. 

Erica: you have to fix those things that will make you independent. That's how i have been living my life all these time.

If Kiddwaya really loves Erica, or values what they both have, he would go the extra mile and defend her in front of his family, don't you think? It seems like Kiddwaya's relationship with Erica is more like 'out of pity. He's trying to make things clear now that Erica has fallen so hard for him. Let's know your opinions in the comment section. And don't forget to like, share and follow lovelies 😘 ♥  

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