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Gbam: God can humble you at anytime o, See The Kind Of Clothes Madrina 'Cynthia Morgan' Now Wears On Her Body [Pics]

In these article, you are going to see the kind of clothes Madrina formally known as Cynthia Morgan wears on her body. Most of you know the kind of clothes she use to hear before, when she was very active in the music industry but ever since she returned back to the stage with her touching life story and also changing her stage name from Cynthia Morgan to Madrina, I noticed she also changed her code of dressing.

That was why I said that God is so merciful, who will believe that Madrina(Cynthia Morgan) life will change for good. Before she use to dress anyhow she wants and behave anyhow she likes but I think she has cooled down.

Who knows what really happened to her? That can make Madrina of all people to behave in this good manner, God you are so merciful, please try and remember some other people like her and change them for good.

You see anything you are doing in life take God first because if you don't take him as the number one thing in your life you will still regret it and also come back to your senses by that time you have already spoil many things in your life. See the kind of clothes she puts on her body now and tell me if she have not change, use the pictures below to confirm it.

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